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Totally Local Recall


They have a saying in Washington, D.C.: Everything has been said but not everyone has said it. That’s kind of how I feel about Total Recall. Particularly since I was wrong — probably wishful thinking — about the recall tally itself. For once in this thing, there were no surprises.
The Bee’s undoubtedly exhausted but very perceptive Dan Weintraub wrote a nice bit after Davis conceded. That can be the last piece of state election news you read for a while. But that doesn’t mean politics is over. It’s just coming to your neighborhood.
TheEx, always local, uses Total Recall to launch into its coverage of the San Francisco mayor’s race. Susan Leal’s spokesman gets in some shots at Plan C — calling them Republicans! — but at the same time giving them more credibility.
Matt Smith goes and spends — cough cough — quality time with mayoral hopeful Matt Gonzalez bumming around The Mission and almost getting ticketed for jaywalking, a promenade on the wild side if I ever heard of one.
Smith also taped the interview. Hmmmm. I spot a trend. It’s probably time for me and Smith to have lunch again. I’ll be sure to tape that, too.
Oh and you have to read Smith — actually you can read almost any part of the SFWeekly save Dan Savage — to get the full-on MG experience live and in person. He didn’t have time to talk to me before deadline so there will be no Gonzalez interview in the series that’s posted here on Tuesday and Thursdays (tomorrow, Susan Leal).
Bummer, huh, dude?

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