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No Matter How You Slice It


So maybe it’s not Progressive’s progress.
Adriel Hampton over at The Ex, slides this poll into his column today. It’s from the Alioto mayoral campaign.
These numbers give Newsom 35%, Alioto, 17%, Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, 13, with Supervisor Tom Ammiano tied with Treasurer Susan Leal at 7% each, and 14% undecided.
A Newsom supporter wrote in to chastise me for 1)having inaccurate numbers and 2)taking the word of another, less well informed, supporter.
He’s right. I wasn’t clear when I wrote yesterday that the numbers I posted were given to me by the supporter, who had been hit up for money. And he probably wasn’t paying that close attention when he heard them.
Gonzalez has 18%, according to the Newsom folks. And that has held; it’s not increasing. More importantly — and this is what makes Alioto’s recent poll interesting — the total between the three Lefties is still 43%, unchanged since September. Meaning Newsom isn’t loosing any ground. “All that has happened is the rearranging of the deck,” the Newsom supporter writes. “No new votes have broken to the three of them.”
And, he warns, Gonzalez should be careful what he wishes for. Again.
“Matt is the easiest one to beat,” the Newsom guys says, adding that polls have shown that Gonzalez has high negatives among voters. “He is the most intelligent, best debater, and is presently the least defined negatively. But he is the easiest to beat.”
That jives with what Hampton is saying, again citing an Alioto pol, showing Gonzalez and Ammiano losing badly in a runoff against Newsom. Alioto gets 40 percent to his 48 percent, with 12 percent undecided.
Can’t wait ’til Wednesday. You?

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