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Just Say ‘No.’ Thank You.


It’s never safe to judge someone by what you can find out about them on the ‘net but Adam Werbach, Chris Daly’s recent guerrilla appointment to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, seems to have a lot more political sense than his mentor.
Werbach managed to maneuver through some tricky politics as president of the Sierra Club, getting the group through a touchy vote on immigration policy without burning his fingers. It was nice work for a 20-something. And it wasn’t easy.
That’s why he should decline to accept the post to which Daly’s appointed him. Werbach clearly knows the importance that timing plays in politics.
San Francisco Supervisor Tony Hall accurately sums up his — and others, not so conservative — reaction to Daly’s guerrilla tactics.
“From this point, I will not look at their qualifications. I’m looking at their integrity for accepting under these conditions,” Hall said [in an interview with TheEx]. “I’m going to fight it on the grounds of one little supervisor getting his way over everybody else. That’s what he’s doing. He talks about the downtrodden, poor and homeless, and he steps on everybody else. That’s a joke.”
Too bad no one’s laughing.

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