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Cruel Fate


Frank Quattrone has certainly had better birthdays.
He turned 48 yesterday and spent the morning being questioned by lawyers and the afternoon listening to the U.S. Attorney damn him with high praise. There are more fun ways to spend your time.
The WSJ has the uptight run-down and, even more helpful, transcripts of the actual proceedings. We at The Post ran Frank’s “if today’s your birthday” horoscope. See, full service journalism.
For the first time, someone in the courthouse described the Frank Quattrone that Silicon Valley knows: A smart, agile banker who knew what he was doing. Who was in charge and in control. Unfortunately for Quattrone, that description came from AUSA Dave Anders – named correctly here and in the paper, for once – and not from his own attorney.
Keker’s doing a fine job. How fine, we’ll know later today, perhaps tomorrow when the jury brings back its verdict.

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