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Compare and Contrast, Part One


Matt Smith’s column in this week’s SFWeekly recounts some of soon-to-be Sen. Carole Migden’s comments about Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Interestingly enough, Migden kinda likes The Terminator-elect. And she seems to think that Democrats in Sacramento are going to do just fine in this new era.
Migden is a hell of a political survivor, a pragmatic pol who hides behind the typical San Francisco Lefty fa├žade. Her remarks come just a few short weeks after Attorney General Bill Lockyer, another Democrat who gets to the bottom line pretty quickly, told a crowd of policy wonks and reporters that he’d voted for Arnold.
Lockyer’s admission was startling on a number of levels. More telling was his denunciation of Democratic candidate — now invisible man — Cruz Bustamante. Yup. Pols do know pols. And the bad ones do stick out.
But combine Lockyer’s critique with Migden’s comments about soon to be former Gov. Gray Davis and you’ve got an interesting move going on with the state’s Democrats. Up at The Bee, Dan Weintraub is having a fine time chronicling how Democrats are making nice to the Terminator-elect and vice versa. In Sacramento, they recognize Schwarzenegger’s election for what it is: protest politics. That no one really likes Davis, well, that’s doesn’t hurt.
Migden and Lockyer and the rest are doing what smart pols do, getting in front of the wave while they can, and praying that their timing is good. It remains to be seen how high and how far it will take them. But this new spirit — can we call it decency? After all they’re giving the guy a chance — feels a little different.

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