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And They’re Off


Now that Total Recall is available on video, the San Francisco’s mayor’s race can begin.
So, naturally, this being a nation, not to mention a city of TV sets, there was a televised candidates’ debate on KPIX to get things started.
There wasn’t a clear winner which is about what you’d expected in a field with this many candidates grouped so closely to the left. But it also sounds that the moderator got all eight candidates to actually talk about what they’re doing and what they want to do.
Angela Alioto, however, has won big, very big, with the Bay Guardian’s endorsement. The Guardian isn’t the beacon of progressive, activist journalism it once was, sadly. But it’s still very influential and picking Alioto for her ability to beat front-runner Gavin Newsom is savvy Lefty politics (for once).
The Guardian’s endorsement also focuses the race. More than ever before this is a contest of class and culture, a collision that started as soon as the first New Yorker arrived in San Francisco, went to work at a and decided to stick around despite the stock market crash.
Alioto v. Newsom will be an election that pits a city of older, more blue collar, less urbane San Franciscans against new arrivals who are wealthier, less familiar with the city’s hard-core union past and more accepting of change. The lines will get clearer as we get closer to polling day, but if you’d like a refresher, take a look at the interviews Alioto and Newsom gave late last month. They represent two different cities that just happen to be in the same place.
A bit of self promotion: “They Might be Mayors,” the series of one-on-one interviews with candidates, continues to day with Jim Reid (see below). You can catch up on the series – which ends Tuesday with Tony Ribera — by searching the candidates’ names or, a little more conveniently, the term “SF Mayor’s Race” in the box on the right.

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