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Wasted on the Young Indeed


There was a time, a time not long ago when young men were convinced that their way of doing things and seeing the world was the only one that mattered, that counted, that meant anything here in San Francisco.
Those people – those people – were blamed for everything that was wrong with a changing San Francisco. They were blamed for mall-like chain stores. They were blamed for sky-rocketing rents. They were blamed for changing this beautiful once-tolerent city into a money-mad hell hole.
They were blamed for change.
Today, a group of young men – they are still mostly young men – convinced their way of doing things and seeing the world is the only one that matters, that counts, that means anything are back. And they are once again in love with their own power.
But this time, they’re not people. They’re political people. But boy it’s hard to tell the difference, isn’t it?
These so-called Progressives are trying to roll San Francisco back to being a city that – if the truth be told – never really existed. These political people, born and educated in the East, too young to remember the city’s Summer of Love, far too young to remember its proud Liberal union-based past, want to create change but they want to call it somethinge else.
They are as fervent in their belief in their own righteousness as the people they once denounced and cursed. To hold their ground these Progressives have taken advantage of a ceremonial act of good will to make political appointments that favor their cause. And, it seems, they’re going to get away with it.
But the bad will that’s been created – the bad will that comes on top of Green candidate Matt Gonzalez’s cheap and petty jibes at Supervisor Tom Ammiaino, the bad will that comes on top of the Green Party’s constant complaining about School Supervisor Arlene Ackerman – is getting more bitter by the minute. You can cheer their intentions but their tactics –no different from the stock price inflations, the insider dealing, the self-congratulation that made the tech bubble so unbearable — are not in keeping with a city that wants to run with some semblance of order and integrity.
The crowd was undone by its own hubris. If anyone should understand this lesson, it’s the Left. But they don’t. Which makes you think they’re not really Liberals, they’re not really Progressive. They’re just out for themselves. And that means they’re not out for anyone else. Not now. Not in the future. Not in the past.

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