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The Chron reports that Howard Dean is California’s favorite presidential candidate.
Anyone who went to the John Kerry rally yesterday could have told you that. “He just doesn’t fill up the room,” one rally attendee wrote. “Partly a stage managing issue that his own people couldn’t pull together. But mostly, he’s avoiding the core reason people oppose the war in Iraq.”
At a rally a few months ago at the Sheraton Palace, Kerry was less than inspiring. He’s the safe candidate for liberal-ish Dems and it shows when it tries to get support from those who don’t want to talk on the safe side of the street.
“We don’t kill Iraqi children (bombs or infrastructure collapse) to make the world safe from our SUVs. NoCal liberals know that,” said the Kerry rally-goer. “And we don’t make the world safer from Al Qaeda by killing Iraqis. But Kerry thinks the Bay Area is opposed simply because Bush lied. We knew he lied as Kerry should have before he supported the UN blah blah blah.”
Note to pols everywhere: when they say ‘blah blah blah’ after your name, it’s bad. Very bad.

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