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What’s It Gonna Be? Left or Right?


San Francisco’s business community has a right to be nervous about Green Party Mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez and his staunchly “Progressive” agenda. But there’s more trouble ahead — in Sacramento. The Bee’s Dan Weintraub does a nice, comprehensive run-down of Sen. John Burton’s SB2, a bill that would, essentially, require businesses with more than 20 employees to provide health care.
The Burton bill’s requirements aren’t going to matter to huge companies like Chuckie Schwab or SBC. They already dole out for health insurance. But to small business, the very ones that pols like Gonzalez are trying to preserve, health insurance is an enormous expense.
In an nutshell, that’s the fight that San Francisco’s left has on its hands: the disparity between how Liberals treat corporate interests.
Increasingly, in a city like San Francisco where so many people are self-employed, working at small start-ups, or simply business-oriented, attacks on business are taken personally. This is a bit of a hold-over from mania where employees really were actually invested in the places where they worked. It remains an emotional chord for many; just take a look at supporters for SFSOS or Plan C, both of which are pushing more conservative (moderate in the rest of the world) agendas for San Francisco.
But these are the same folks who think Gonzalez is right when he talks about banning Starbucks and keeping Home Depot out of Bernal Heights. That effort is designed to preserve one of the city’s many charms, its small businesses, the same small business that will be devastated by Burton’s health care measure.

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