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That live wire, Joe Fire, might have been on to something last week when he talked about the invitation process that sometimes characterizes San Francisco’s Mayoral Forums.
Fire accused the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association of inviting only candidates it wanted to hear, not those who might disagree with its politics. There was the usual vehement denials exchanged but last night’s meeting of the Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods seems like a good example of the trend continuing.
The forum, opened with candidates Angela Alioto, Tony Ribera, and Jim Reid — in other words no one in elected office in San Francisco and no one positioned by any poll to win. Treasurer Susan Leal sat in for a bit but left early for other engagements, but Supervisors Tom Ammiano, Matt Gonzalez, and Gavin Newsom — having spent the day duking it out over ‘Care Not Cash’ — didn’t show.
The three of them were said to be across the street at a Board of Supervisors meeting that having considered a city-wide controversy, the homeless, had moved onto to a neighborhood hot potato, the tunnels in Golden Gate Park.
One candidate’s spokesman suggested that the supe’s meeting agenda had been set so Gonzalez could avoid the Neighborhood coalition’s forum. Maybe. But unlikely. Another race insider says maybe there’s a very simple explanation: The Neighborhood Coalition didn’t send invites to everyone. “As far as we can tell, we weren’t formally invited,” he said.

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