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Tactical Assault


It turned into a story about the number of homeless deaths in San Francisco, but the speech mayoral hopeful Gavin Newsom has started delivering is a lot more impassioned than you’d expect. It’s not the usual moaning and groaning about empty needles and used condoms (and there’s plenty of that) and how he’ll make it all go away.
Instead, he talks about compassion and caring and how the city has failed. It’s an interesting tactic, one that works particularly well with skeptics who think that Newsom, who has so much corporate support that it’s almost embarrassing, is balancing his political ambitions on the backs of the city’s less fortunate. He talks past his audience to his critics.
At the City Club and again that evening before a group of doctors and other medical types on Russian Hill, Newsom talked about how little the city has done for its homeless, the effects that heroin addiction have on the San Francisco’s street people and the need for reform. It’s a smart tactic one that, in addition to showing how Newsom really feels on the issue, goes a lot way to getting him out from under his most serious criticism: that he is too young, too green, and not professional enough to run the city.

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