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Strong Medicine


Time magazine’s Joe Klein has the best description yet of Presidential hopeful and Democratic front-runner Dr. Howard Dean.
“Dean turns out to be a flagrantly political anti-politician,” Klein says.
Which would explain why Dean, unlike the rest of the Democratic pack, has not qualms about standing next to Gov. Gray Davis. If you want to be president, you need California.
It’s a gamble, but if it pays off it’s going to go a long way toward helping Dean scoop up the Democratic nomination. Davis may be a churlish jerk. But, if he can, he’ll repay this favor. So will the state’s unions.
It’s an interesting confluence, this Dean-Davis thing, coming as it does days after – the powerful on-line grassroots website the rival’s candidate Dean’s Internet efforts — decided to stir up support for a ‘no’ recall vote.
Now, I’d be the last person to accuse the MoveOn crowd of engaging in a little politics as usual, backroom sleight of hand. But that’s some mighty loud quacking coming from the Berkeley hills.
The Left? Organized?

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