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Seven Year Itch


It’s going to take Silicon Valley another seven years to reach the level of economic activity it maintained during the Internet stock bubble.
Thank God. Maybe this time, there’ll be places to live, trains to ride…enough to go around so everyone — old timers and new arrivals — doesn’t feel as though they’re being squeezed by a giant, but invisible, money-devouring fiend.
The Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group, a sort of think-tank and chamber of commerce rolled into one, has a report talking about the area’s economic future. The manufacturing group, takes the glass half-full approach. They’ll be back! Just you wait!
Don’t roll your eyes. Things really are picking up in Silicon Valley.
Take a look at traffic in and out of San Francisco, which is always a good barometer. Palo Alto to San Francisco was 30 minutes a year ago, even in the evening. These days, bumper-to-bumper lines on 280 in and out of the city during rush hour are back. That was one of the signs — way back in ’97 — that something was going on south of Rt. 92.

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