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Preachin’ to the Choir


Bill Clinton’s in California stumping for Gray Davis. He started down in LA at an AME church where Bill got to pour on the ‘hey, baby’ accent and do a little preachin’
For those of you who aren’t savvy to religious or Southern regional politics, AME stands for African Methodist Church, which was started ’cause the mostly white Methodists didn’t want any black folks in the congregations.
Clinton, according to the NYTimes, used the story of “Jesus and the harlot,” to talk about why California Gov. Gray Davis shouldn’t be tossed out. That’s the one with the line about people without sin throwing stones. This is fact, not fiction. The NYTime story, which observed that Clinton knew a little about sinning, was not written by Jason Blair.
On Sunday, Dean Murphy did a fine job detailing the reality of what Clinton predicted would happen should Davis be kicked out. It’s the standard Be Careful What You Wish For warning but it does have some interesting things to say about the consequences of Total Recall. In a word, it’ll be mass confusion, which probably won’t help anything.
In the meantime, more Democrats are coming to Davis’ side, a bit more evidence that Total Recall is going badly for the still-divided Republican Party.

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