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Paging Ann Coulter…


Matt Smith’s goofy column on Green Party Mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez’s potential as a political stud was a pretty funny demonstration of how a married guy sees San Francisco’s singles’ scene.
Particularly since, well, since Gonzalez live and in person is uh, well, he’s not exactly rude. Let’s just say he’s personally uninspiring for those of us who are actually in the single, straight, and female category cited by Smith as an important voting block.
But the sanctimonious letters that Gonzalez’s supporters have written to the SFWeekly are truly hysterical. Gonzalez’ outraged supporters are furious to find that Smith considers them attractive. They assume he thinks they’re stupid. Smith, no dummy, made no such claim.
Remember that old saw about opening your mouth and confirming your moron potential? Someone should tell the babes over at Gonzalez HQ to clam up. We have all the evidence we need right now that, while they may be hotties, they ain’t rocket scientists.

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