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On the Other Hand…


The Chron asks a good questions: how hard is it to do business in California?
The answer: A rousing it depends.”
But more and more, as you listen to the candidates, particularly Schwarzenegger, you get the feeling that their objections to California’s business climate have more to do with their personal fortunes than their corporate holdings.
In the world of the self-employed, and the quickly self-made — the California flavor of the American Dream — it’s easy for rich people to confuse corporate holdings and their individual earnings. It’s all their money, isn’t it?
The state recently increased their personal income tax for its wealthiest citizens. Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante is talking about even more of that which annoys the well-off, particularly those who see workman’s comp costs and health insurance headed through the roof. If you run you own show — or you’re in an LLC or partnership with others as a lawyer or venture capitalist — you feel the state’s squeeze in two different directions and it’s on your wallet, no one else’s.

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