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Oh Yeah, that Mayor’s Race…


Ken Garcia does a fine job updating the mayor’s race here in San Francisco, poking as much fun at the candidates as he can in the space allowed.
Between the bike race photos in every section of the paper, The Chron also profiles city Treasurer and Mayoral hopeful Susan Leal, who seems to spend a lot of time looking for her lipstick (Bobbi Brown, no shade listed). The photo is a very nice one for her mom’s scrapbook.
The Chron ignores an interesting question, however. With support from movers and shakers like finanicer Warren Hellman and schmoozer Cissie Swig, why isn’t Leal doing a little better on the street? Party it’s the Treasurer’s job, which is not exactly an out-there gig people find fascinating. But, others suggest it’s because Leal’s partner, Susan Mayer Hirsch, a dynamic, well-connected, and smart fundraiser, helps Leal behind the scenes. Hirsch can do a lot, they say, but she can’t do it all.

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