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Move Over. He’ll Drive


Remember that terrorist betting market the Pentagon was putting together? The idea was that a group, assessing the odds of an attack, would come up with a good sense of its probability. The government-sponsored pool (overseen by the politically tone-deaf John Poindexter) is gone ’cause people thought it was creepy to have the government sponsoring death bets. Creepiness never stood in the way of a dollar. Plenty of private efforts are still around.
But why stop with terrorism when you can bet on Total Recall? Iowa Electronic Markets has a pool up and running. Guess who’s winning? Oh, and did we mention these things have proven to be remarkably accurate?
It’s Arnold.
UPDATE: Then again, maybe it’s Cruz Control. In yet another example of how the Internet fills in for the Psychic Friends Network, Dan Weintraub posted a link to these pool results showing Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamante gaining ground.
Gentlemen, start your engines.

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