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Da Noirve a Dat Guy!


I go to lunch with SF Weekly’s Matt Smith (and cute daughter) and he starts writing about Silicon Valley pop stars like Paul Saffo! And he makes fun of them!
Coincidence? You decide!
Maybe — more likely — it’s proof that nature or humor abhors a vacuum.
In any case, Smith quietly makes a serious point that Lefties everywhere might want to think about as they contemplate the Bay Area’s economic future. Silicon Valley is returning to its roots as supplier of men and material, to the military industrial complex.
“The Permanent War Economy” is replacing the “New Economy,” as homeland security worries and the belief that technology can resolve many of them take over. Never forget the “D” in DARPA, the outfit that helped create the Internet so nuclear physicists could talk to each other and share data, stands for “defense” and it was funded by Republicans and Democrats.

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