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Big Chief, Silly Cattle


The pettiness associated with San Francisco’s mayoral forum invitations is getting some long-overdue attention.
It seems the good folks at the University of San Francisco don’t want to invite one of their own — faculty member Tony Ribera — to their debate this evening. Organizers say it’s because former SF Police Cheif Ribera — a Republican in a city of die hard Democrats –isn’t doing well enough in the polls to consider him a viable candidate.
TheEx’s editors blow that reasoning out of the water, as they should. Are there any polls not commissioned by a candidate or campaigns? And don’t they always show the person writing the check does better than the other guy thinks?
The brohaha over Ribera is particularly silly since he’s one of the few candidates who has something different to say. It’s often hard to tell, what with all the hissing and booing from the audience but debate are about the exchange of ideas, not insults. (Note to Angela Alioto in particular: your supporters hiss their disfavor, then hoot in what sounds like appreciation for Gavin Newsom. It’s confusing. And irritating. Make them stop).
Ribera may have no hope of winning — that’s undoubtedly why he doesn’t get booed and hissed as Newsom does — but he’s got a following and he’s got legitimate backing from a national political party. What more do you want?

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