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An Insult to Ringmasters Everywhere


A few weeks ago, when Total Recall looked like the sleeper hit of the summer, The Bee’s Dan Weitraub said the only voter polls predicting the outcome of the race worth seeing are election day exit polls. In other words, he ain’t calling this thing until is over.
Smart man. The fat lady isn’t on stage. She ain’t even in the theater. The Ninth Circuit, on the other hand, has decided that Total Recall should — depending on your perspective — either be canceled altogether or postponed until March.
That’s March as in the California Primary. Meaning Californian’s would vote for a governor and a presidential candidate at the same time. And they would campaign here at the same time. And you thought the madness couldn’t end.
Weintraub said today that he thinks voters will be pissed off by the 9th Circuit ruling. Unlikely. More likely, they’ll just move on — way on, way fast — to whatever’s next. Just in time: Scott Peterson’s trial for the murder of his wife starts late next month; some brainiac in Modesto was probably eyeing the gross receipts tax potential.
Total Recall participants, according to the LATimes, haven’t broken stride since the court ruled today. They know the deal. This thing ain’t over until the U.S. Supreme Court rules. That’ll be after the entire 9th Circuit gets to have it say, probably be, oh, just about this time next week.

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