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A Bigger Log Cabin


Andrew Sullivan’s comments about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s homo-tolerance — discussed at some length in a Matt Welch piece for the National Post — raises an intriguing question: How well will the Terminator do below Market Street?
San Francisco’s gay community is becoming increasingly conservative; that’s conservative, not moderate. There are plenty of liberal gays out there. As Welch points out, litmus test Liberal like Assemblyman Mark Leno can always be counted on to talk about homophobia as soon as a straight person utters the word “fag.” But, more and more, the city’s gay community isn’t as closely aligned with Lefty causes as it once was.
This isn’t lost on mayoral candidate Tom Ammiano. It’s one reason he’s move steadily right over the past few months. Organizations like Plan C, the Castro/Noe Valley neighborhood organization that’s fast becoming a citywide civic association of young property-owning tech types, has its roots in the gay community. Once of Plan C’s least favorite pols? Leno himself for putting limits on a conversion process that would allow more people in the city to buy their apartments.
The Bay Area, as a whole, has polled well below the rest of the state in supporting Total Recall. But that’s only the first part of the ballot. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when it’s time to choose a candidate.
IN BOX: Plan C Chairman Mike Sullivan writes in to correct my impression of the heated tension betwen his members and Mark Leno. “I have to disagree with you that Mark Leno is Plan C’s ‘least favorite’ politician. He may win the ‘most disappointing vote’ award for his vote to effectively ban tenancies in common (fortunately, the law that passed with that vote was tossed out by the courts). But I can think of a lot of better candidates for the ‘least favorite” title.’

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