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Internet Bubble On Trial


The Wall Street Journal has done what we in the ink business refer to as a curtain raiser on the Frank Quattrone trial.
Quattrone, formerly head of Credit Suisse First Boston’s tech banking division in Palo Alto, goes on trial Monday in the Southern District of New York on charges that he obstructed justice.
The charges stem not from any banking activity but from steps Quattrone allegedly took to interfere with government investigations of the bank. Quattrone says he’s done no such thing. The feds say otherwise and point to an email entitled “Time to Clean out Those Files.”
The trial, an important one for Silicon Valley and all West Coast financial businesses, is expected to take at least two weeks. Starting Monday, I’ll be covering it for The New York Post. An archive of the Quattrone stories I’ve done — starting in January, 2001 with the first “friends of Frank” piece — should be up at this site shortly.

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