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Contradiction in Terms


The rumors about Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez’ attempt to with school board chief Arlene Ackerman make today’s Chron. At the same time Gonzalez is talking about changing voting rules so non-citizens can vote in school board elections.
Gonzalez, who grew up in McAllen, Tex., knows what he’s talking about with the schools issue, although it’s unclear, in a city of renters in a state ruled by Prop 13, if the taxation/representation argument his building will fly. His attempt to change sentiments toward first-generation immigrants and their children is admirable.
But he could be heading for a classic ‘be careful what you wish for’ moment. New arrivals to this country are a bit more conservative about their children’s education than Lefties like to think. They want them to go to school, learn stuff and go to college and so they can do better. That is, after all, what immigrating is all about. So, a school board that spends its time debating the merits of the war on Iraq or the propriety of guns on campuses, might find itself in for a rather rude surprise come election time.

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