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Hat Trick


California now has the strongest anti-spam legislation in the nation. Send an unsolicited email and you can be fined as much as $1 million.
Will it work? Who knows? The nature of the Internet is diffuse so it’s unlikely that the bill will have anything more than an symbolic effect. Besides, there are carve-outs for the likes of Microsoft which has this very annoying habit of pulling computers to its “update” sites whenever it feels you have the need to screw up your machine.
To really do something, the feds have to get involved. That’s the lesson that’s being taught in Washington as Congress pretty much guts the much-praised privacy legislation Gov. Gray Davis signed into law earlier this month. That do-not-call registry everyone loved so much? It’s got troubles, too.
The longest journeys start with one step And politics is often about symbols. Craig Newmark and Dan Gillmor have the insider’s perspective on spam and privacy along with some words on fighting the good fight.

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