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One Step Forward, Two Steps…Oh, For Crying Out Loud


Intermission is over. Total Recall continues. The next action adventure? Tomorrow night’s candidate debate in which Arnold Schwarzenegger will participate.
In the meantime, Darryl Issa, the guy who bankrolled pre-production, is saying he wants some revisions to the script. If two Republicans are in the race, people should vote “no.” In other words, he’s endorsed Gov. Gray Davis.
Will there be a court ruling on this one, too? Or shall we just go to the playground after school and duke it out?
For those who would like to rise above the bickering, the WashPo’s David Broder takes all the they-say, we-say predictions from the various campaigns and boils ‘em all down to something that looks like common sense. Davis may take this thing, particularly now that he’s got Issa’s vote.

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