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War of the Websites


There can’t be enough websites dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
The Terminator has broad shoulders. He can carry them all.
There’s the official A.S. site. It’s not too bad. It has all the stuff you’d expect from a candidate who can afford a good smart web design team.
The dark side of the Schwarzenegger campaign seems to be the responsibility of a site put together by some Silicon Valley Repubicans slaving over a couple of keyboards down in Saratoga.
The “Who is Cruz?” section doesn’t exactly go against A.S. promise not to engage in smear tactics — and with Gov. Gray Davis making fun of his accent, he doesn’t have to — but it comes close. Of course, there’s deniability. That’s how this game is played. “Arnold for Governor,” is independent of the official campaign.
But no on-line campaign would be complete without the snarky humor of left-learning wise acres who can code. They have a catchy slogan, though, “Policy is for Pussies” that does a nice job of mocking Schwarzenegger’s ‘no details’ approach to vote gathering. Oh, yeah, and there’s swag, too, including — gasp! — Gore campaign stuff.

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