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District 5′s civic organizations — 5together — had their mayoral forum (redirects to the Ex’s main page) Wednesday night and it wasn’t much of a debate.
Pretty much everyone who made the trek to Cole Auditorium at UCSF — Newsom skipped out — agreed on the need for more affordable housing, the need for more mass transit, the need for stronger, better schools, the preservation of small businesses, and reform of city hall’s bloated bureaucracy and budget…blah blah blah.
It was hard to avoid the conclusion that success is what’s killing San Francisco’s Left. This was a group of well-off white folks talking and listening with other well-off white folks all under the expert guidance of KPFA’s Michael Krasney.
We’re not perfect Dept.: Krasney’s at KQED.
Even Republican Tony Ribera — who happily endorsed “Transit First” — was with the program. (A Republican? Mass transit? Quick! Call Karl Rove!). Ribera even had nice things to say about a bureaucrat, MUNI Chief Michael Burns.
It’s not that the candidates aren’t interesting or interested. It’s just that the biggest criticism they have of Newsom — who’s said many of the same things they all said — is that he’s rich. And well, uh, uh, uh, so?

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