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MoveOn Moves Up


There’s a lot of stuff on Total Recall in The Note (redirects to The Note’s main page) which, naturally, notes that the serious presidential season begins today. And, say the boys and gals at ABCNews political unit, Howard Dean is the man to beat.
This is an interesting turn of events, particularly here in NoCal. It’s not just that Dean posters are popping up from the Mission to Russian Hill. He’s the perfect San Francisco candidate.
More importantly, Dean’s success validates, the web-based grassroots organization that, well,it’s really a grassroots organization, the likes of which Washington hasn’t seen since Ralph Nadar rode into that town. MoveOn and the Dean camp have used the Internet the way it’s supposed to be used, not as an vehicle for advertising sex aids and porn stars. The use it to talk to and to organize supporters. It’s old-fashioned politics that’s enhanced, not replaced by technology. And, of course, it allows the candidate to talk past — way past — a political machine that (still) has no interest in supporting those it doesn’t know and doesn’t like.
Dean’s candidacy is probably bad news for all but a few big-money Democrats in Silicon Valley. Democrats have, for the past couple of years, gotten their star-power from Hollywood but their cash from Menlo Park and Palo Alto. That’s not a bad way to arrange things but, well, it’s often little more than rich people talking to other rich poeple about what they’re going to do once they’re in all charge. It may feel like politics when the checks change hands, but it’s not, not in the way Dean and MoveOn do things.
It’s Geek Determinism — a funny kind of ‘screw you’ politics — working for the first time, on a national scale and it’s gonna change politics as we know it.

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