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Your Tax Dollars at Work


San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly has calmed down lately. No political theatrics. No temper tantrums.
But, don’t worry, his fellow Supervisors are stepping into fill the ‘can you believe it?’ void.

First, Supe Aaron Peskin gets caught parking in front of a Chinatown fire hydrant. He told NBC Channel 11 that he has a lot of meetings so sometimes he parks illegally. Parks illegally with his Supe’s badge displayed in the window. Subtle, that.
Now, Board President Matt Gonzalez is taking on the city’s hotels over their new ads on homelessness. Is Gonzalez taking a page from Sen. John Burton’s book and buying his own ads reminding us of the need for a little charity in this world? Nope. He’s trying to get the city attorney to look at how much hotels charge for phone calls.
Hotels charge a lot and they don’t always tell their customers about it, as Chron Biz Columnist (and sometimes book reviewer) David Lazarus pointed out a few weeks ago. Anyone who travels knows this. That’s why most people who travel on business carry cell phones. The people who almost always end up getting fleeced are tourists — mostly tourists from other countries.
Phone rates are set at the state and federal level, not by the city. And while Gonzalez might have the best of intentions — intentions that are undercut by his linking the homeless ad campaign with the city attorney’s investigation — this has turned into just another ‘say what?’ moment for San Francisco City government. This is the kind of state-sponsored retaliation that good, God-fearing uppercase “L” Liberals used to decry as an abuse of power. The hotel campaign isn’t subtle and it’s in questionable taste. But it’s not illegal.

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