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Voting Once, Voting Twice, Gone!


The Recall has become a national news drama, er, story, so local politics will get short, short shrift until Oct. 7.
That makes it tougher than tough for local pols. For all the ink that’s been spilt, no one’s talked about the effect Total Recall is going to have on municipal elections. This fall, San Francisco has a mayor’s race. Forgot all about it, eh?
Despite one of the easiest absentee voting systems in the world (they send you a form to fill out), California voters are famous for not voting. So there’s a real danger that the regularly scheduled elections up and down the state will suffer because of the recall; it’s barely a month before the regularly scheduled event. In San Francisco, that’s going to mean that the usual handful of voters elect the mayor.
That could change, of course, if there’s some intersection between the local races and the recall. San Francisco remains a Democrat’s town but there are precious few Democrats who would be willing to stand next to Grsy Davis right now. And even though the city is becoming increasingly conservative — that’s to say moderate — no one’s going to have the nerve to welcome Arnold until he wins.

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