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Until big labor said it would throw its support — and, more importantly, its cash — behind Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante’s gubenatorial candidacy, there wasn’t a whole lot to say about Total Recall. And even that news isn’t exactly earth-shattering: Labor supports Democrats. My God. The Shock.
It’s August. The last week in August. And apart from a somewhat suspect LATimes poll released over the weekend, there’s just not a lot of news out there. That, of course, isn’t going to stop any one from writing. It might, however, stop people from reading.
The Bee’s Dan Weitraub says What Needs To Be Said right here. Until next week, everything else by almost everyone else is hot air. But Weibtraub makes an important point worth bearing in mind over the next few weeks about the vagaries of polling, particularly as more and more new voters register to cast their ballots on Oct. 7.
“Telephone polling itself has become problematic in the age of cell phones, call-waiting, and answering machines, and because this race, with its unique format and multi-candidate field, is going to be extremely difficult to assess,” Weintraub writes. “The only poll I really want to see is the exit poll, which will interview voters as they leave the polls and should tell us a lot about who votes and why, and why they voted the way they did. Until then, I’m not going to believe anything I read, from any of them.”

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