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The Worried Well


Gray Davis isn’t the only worrisome Democrat in California.
Today’s Chron carries comments from State Democratic Chairman Art Torres in which he compares the Republican party to the mafia using that old horse head in the bed image.
Hey, Art, these days when you want to make mafia references, you use The Sopranos. It’s about time someone compared GOP strategic mastermind Karl Rove to the scheming Livia Soprano.
Secondly, Art, using mafia references isn’t, well, it isn’t very fair-minded now is it? California AG Bill Lockyer has already warned Davis about his underhanded

campaign tactics, saying, correctly, that they offend voters. Maybe that memo needs to CC’d to the rest of the party. The Democrats are, after all, in a campaign against a guy — the Viennese Iron Man — who running against politics as usual and that almost always means name-calling campaigning.
Besides, didn’t all the oppo research that the Democrats leaked to The Chron encourage Issa to leave the race? You can see ‘em now, can’t you, lining up to vote for the car thief? So maybe the Democrats won one and now, well, maybe they wish they didn’t?
The other worrisome Democratic trend is the Florida undercurrent. Stirring up voter revenge worked really well in the Congressional race last fall, didn’t it?

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