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Stun Gun


Rumors coming from the direction where Richard Riordan might have been standing when the Arnold news broke indicate that perhaps “stunned” as the LATimes has it, isn’t the right word for the former mayor and now, it seems, newspaper publisher’s reaction. Give Riordan yet another excuse to rail against the Times, too.
Maybe, just maybe, Riordan and A.S.’s other political buddy, former Gov. Pete Wilson were cheering A.S. on? His entry has completely changed the race in favor of the Republicans. And the delay probably played a role in DiFi’s deciding absolutely positively not to run. It’s a political, not to mention media-handler masterstroke.
In any case, the Arnoldleakers should be looking for new jobs soon. Getting ahead of your man is the first sin of politics. Think there might be some shuffling between what would have been the Riorden campaign (by way of the chatty ex-Wilson team) and the old A.S. staff in the next day or so?

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