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Panhandle No More


San Francisco’s initiative banning aggressive panhandling kicks in Thursday morning with a breakfast at the City Club. This is the second phase of Mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom’s “Care Not Cash” proposal from last year. Over the weekend, The Chron’s Rachel Gordon rounded up the implications and reasons for the initiative and had some smart things to say about why ballot measures like this one are becoming so important.
Gordon talks about the money, how initiatives let supporters spend freely under different guises. But initiatives are a very good way to attract voters who might normally stay home to the polls. The city unions have the minimum wage measure, the business community has panhandling.
As Gordon points out, many of those helping fund the Committee to Stop Aggressive Panhandling are also Newsom backers. It’s no secret that Newsom is the business community’s candidate. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. San Francisco’s younger and most recently arrived residents are, for the most part, a business-oriented bunch. But why oh why does the anti-panhandling breakfast have to come the morning after Newsom’s “Meet Me At the Fairmont” fund raiser with its $250 minimum? This is the sort of stuff that Newsom opponents gobble up.

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