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Insider and Immigration


Living up to it’s California Insider billing, Dan Weintraub has some smart things to say about the Recall which he thinks might turn into a real contest — instead of the free-for-all everyone is predicting — between Cruz Bustamante and A.S. What are they fighting over? Voters who haven’t gone to the polls before.
If he’s right about how the race will play out — and his logic seems sound — that’s one good reason why immigration hasn’t become the issue the Mickey Kaus seems to want it to become. With the son of Mexican immigrants competing with an Austrian immigrant (married into the Irish Diaspora’s most famous American family) and a Greek intellectual as unofficial head of the peanut gallery, it’s going to be hard for anyone to call for the kind of border control that Kaus thinks necessary.
More and more, Californian are coming from outside the country — and not just illegally and not just from Mexico — and immigration controls are being seen as a silly nuisance that muck up people’s lives unnecessarily. Silicon Valley’s larger companies run on Indian engineering. Its households on Mexican and Fillipino labor. The recall ballot’s being printed in seven different languages and in San Francisco, the number of registered voters who moved her from other countries is headed toward 25 percent.
Who’s going to call for “border control” under those circumstances? No one should. The state runs on immigrant labor of all kinds. And it’s about time that state of affairs was not just recognized but welcomed.

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