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Fuzzy Logic


With all the fuss being made over Total Recall, city politicians up and down the state are despairing. No one cares a wit about them.
In San Francisco, run by Democrats, that’s even more true. So the city’s pols are focusing their attention on the city’s December run-off. With November turn-out expected to be low because of the recall (What! Vote again?) San Francisco pols figure votes will be split between the six people currently expected to be on the ballot.
That explains why the SF Democratic Central Committee has decided not to issue endorsements in either the mayor or the city attorney’s race. They’re going to wait and see.
Gavin Newsom, the front-runner in the polls, got 10 votes from the committee when it met earlier this week. But seven committee members voted not to endorse anyone. Tom Ammiano got 9 votes, Susan Leal, 2, and Angela Alioto, 4.
Do the math: take the seven “blanks” and add them to any announced candidate. Funny thing, you get a number close to (Leal with 9) or greater than (Ammiano at 16, Alioto 13) that Newsom’s total. This will change, of course, and the numbers, like all early numbers are very fluid.
But the no-decision decision is a good indication of just how tense things are getting in city politics. If anyone drops out, Newsom could be in for a real fight and not just with Matt Gonzalez.

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