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Coming and Going


SoCal blogger Mickey Kaus gets his wish and the LATimes writes a story about Prop. 187, immigration, and the Recall.
That story makes no reference to a much-overlooked detail in last week’s alarmist headlines about people fleeing the state. Most of those who left were leaving for economic reasons and most of them were Latino and most of them moved to Texas. In other words, they could be the very same people who registered to vote because of Prop. 187. They’re not here anymore. And some of those who are but were born elsewhere might like Schwarzenegger. .
There’s no question that there has been tremendous churn in NoCal’s population since 1994. In a weird way that might be responsible for some of Gray Davis’ problem. Many of those who want to throw him out didn’t vote for him in the first place so the argument about “process” doesn’t get much traction.

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