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Arianna’s Attraction


There’s a funny little recall undertow out there among women of a certain age and, well, a certain class. Arianna Huffington is their girl. They’re going to vote for her.
This isn’t a huge group — upper middle class volunteers, women who can afford to stay home, to lounge around the pool — what used to be called ‘ladies who lunch.’ These are women very much like Huffington herself, involved, concerned, but not party loyal, the kind who are married to businessmen like Peter Ueberroth and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
If this keeps up, Huffington will be able to draw votes away from Republicans who might normally get these women’s votes, women who didn’t know who Cruz Bustamante was until they heard about his spat with Davis. And while, the effect isn’t going to be huge, it gives Huffington some small leverage in this race. And, of course, it’s going to make for some interesting cocktail party chatter.
So it’s no wonder Huffington’s doing an interview today with KPFA.

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