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Alice, Matt. Matt, Alice.


The Looking Glass that is often San Francisco politics gets curiouser and curiouser. Progressives, once on a program of earnest government reform, seem to be moving in the other direction.
The Chron says that Green Party Mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez is backing Police Chief Alex Fagan in his attempt to stay on the job. It’s a temporary thing, says Gonzalez, until the city gets a new mayor and voters approve a ballot initiative that would put the Board of Supervisors in control of the police department.
Meanwhile, fellow Supervisor and Mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom, who represents city’s moneyed and business interests, is saying Fagan’s gotta go. He’s joined in that by the Lefty coalition, Treasurer Susan Leal, and Supervisor Tom Ammiano, and Angela Aliota. They say Fagan say that he shouldn’t be in the job since he’s tainted by his son’s involvement in ‘fajitagate.’ Actually, he’s tainted by the fact that it took ‘fajitagate’ to get young Alex Fagan Jr. kicked off the force despite his record of questionable behavior. The San Francisco Police Department does not, even on a good day, inspire confidence.
The Chron speculates that Gonzalez is endorsing Fagan is moving toward the center to pick up votes. Sounds right.
Which means a bunch of things. One, the mayor’s race is changing fast. Gonzalez is squaring off against Newsom front and center. That adds currency to rumors that he’s looking for a way to get Aliota or Ammiano off the ballot. Even clearer over the past few days: Gonzalez is going to be happy to win ugly. He’s moving around to get votes — any good pol does that — but he’s so obvious about it.

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