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A Rundown on the Recall


It’s a national story now so the very best round up for stories and comment on the recall can be found, not too surprisingly, at the ABC News site, The Note. (redirects to The Note’s homepage)
Today, channeling NYT columnist, Maureen Dowd, the Notesters do some speculating about former LA Mayor Richard Riorden and the chance that he’ll enter the race. Since Riorden said he’d think about running if Schwarzenneger didn’t and since Schwarzenneger probably isn’t running and since so many people who would work for both men are saying they’re working for Riorden, it’s pretty safe to assume that Riorden is, indeed, running.
The Riorden candidacy is interesting on a number of fronts. One, of course is his not-so-subtle reluctance to take the job. That could be a sign that he’s interested in running a short term coalition-style government aimed at cleaning up the state’s most pressing problem, its economic woes. And that means doing something, anything at this point, about California’s tax structure. It’s going to take a Republican to get past that 2/3 majority required to pass a state budget. But there are other problems — Prop 13 is a big one — that Republicans are best suited to resolve. It’s like Nixon in China.

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