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Production Values, Anyone?


Arnold’s TV ads are scheduled to start today. But don’t get excited. Not yet. Because the Lone Ranger of Underdog Political Advertising has signed up for Total Recall.
Bill Hillsman, the man who brought you Jesse “The Mind” Ventura and Paul Wellstone’s now-famous “Looking for Rudy” ads — ads credited with assuring both of those upset victories — has signed on to help Arianna Huffington.
Hillsman runs clean, smart, clever ads. No more of this guy-in-a-tie, looking in the camera and smiling stuff that California pols seem to think makes them dynamic, smart, and sincere. Instead, they look staged, nervous, and tired.
That’s not what you’ll see from the Huffington campaign. “She’s not a man. She won’t wear a tie,” said Huffington spokeman Parker Blackman. “We want to have fun with it.”
Hillsman, who’s motto is more like “what box?” than “think outside the box,” could go a long way to strengthen Huffington’s hand as a Schwarzenegger spoiler.
“If you don’t do something out of the ordinary, it’s going to be inexpensive and ineffectual,” he once told The Washington Monthly.
Well, let’s just say that the bar is already pretty high.

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