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1,000 Words and Counting


(The links in this article are no longer active.)
San Francisco’s latest political drama, “The Left Eats Itself” is off to a fine start. There are plots and subplots aplenty. We’ll get to them all, never fear. There’s lots of time between now and November.
But to get in the proper frame of mind, consider these “campaign posters” being offered on Craigslist. Supporting Green Party candidate, one of four people running to the left of poll leader Gavin Newsom is compared to…
Shooting yourself in the head
Shooting yourself in the head and putting a razor blade in your eye
Or being just plain dumb.
“Artists and activists are coming together to support Matt Gonzalez for Mayor of San Francisco,” says the smarty-pants who is offering the “campaign posters.” “You can do your part by downloading these artistic posters and putting them in your window.”

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