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Why The Chron Drives Poeple Crazy


No, it’s not that they happily run photos and stories from the New York Times wire service a day, sometimes several days, after they appear in The Times. Well, okay. That’s part of it.
It’s not that wait to run cultural and feature story about the city — the city where they live — until they read them someplace else (someplace like The Times)and feel they’re legit. That’s part of it, too.
And it’s not that they got beat — rock solid thumped by The NYPost’s Page Six and Entertainment Tonight — on the news that the editor formerly known as Mr. Stone and his movie-star wife were divorcing.
No, The Chron drives you crazy because it prints stories like this piece on the once-glorious Clift Hotel which new owner Ian Schrager has put under the protection of the bankruptcy court. The story’s filled with lots of assurances that business will go on as usual. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.
But here’s some stuff to make you think there’s a lot more to this story and that a San Francisco landmark hotel is being used to help ease Schager’s financial difficulties specifically because it’s not in New York. It seems that the too-cool-for-school Schrager’s has purchased a controlling interest in The Gramercy Park Hotel, according to The NYTimes. But he’s also got over-all financial troubles, according to the UK Independent. (CREDIT UPDATE: Schrager links courtesy of Gawker)
If Schrager is using the once-gloriously old-fashioned quiet and dignified Clift to ease his financial woes, it doesn’t bode well for the hotel, a cornerstone of San Francisco’s Union Square. It may well be on the block. And, contrary to the Chron’s assurances, that’s not be business as usual.

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