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Suspected Smart Ass


Sooner or later, professional political types are going to figure out that high tech millionaires really are interested in politics.
Some of them are even interested in good old fashioned civic activism.
John Gilmore, a Cole Valley resident, a millionaire several times over courtesy of Sun Microsystems and a rabble rouser by inclination, is just such a guy.
The SFWeekly’s Matt Smith takes a look at Gilmore’s latest — getting on a plane wearing a button saying ‘Suspected Terrorist.’ Gilmore’s also suing U.S. Attorney General John “hang’em high” Ashcroft, challenging rules that require flyers to show identification before they can board an aircraft.
Gilmore’s fights may seem quixotic but remember it’s guys like him — Geeks with smarts, technical expertise and the money and time to spend on what they think worth fighting for — that’s responsible for much of the support on the privacy debate. They’re not politically involved because they haven’t found a party or a way of doing things that they like. But they’re a force, make no mistake, that’s waiting to be tamed.

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