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Best out-of-state lead on the Arnold news comes from the Washington Post’s self-consciously arch Style section:
“The special effect known as Arnold Schwarzenegger has just told Jay Leno (which is the same as telling America, nowadays) that he’s decided to accept the starring role in yet another way over budget movie with “Recall” in the title, rocketing into the race to become governor of California in the statewide vote to decide the fate of current Gov. Gray Davis”.
The story goes on in that vein for a bit more than necessary. The WashPo runs stories like this in the Style section so they can tell us what they_really think.
The Best in-state lede goes to The Chron’s Salladay:
“Arnold Schwarzenegger just sucked all the air out of California’s political establishment.”
Most under-appreciated Schwarzenegger comment to Jay Leno, a passing reference to all those rumors about Schwarzenegger womanizing:
“Larry Flint is going to make me shine.”
He has a point.

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