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Friends And Family, Con’t.


The East Coasters have finally caught on to the Silicon Valley trend of calling everyone with whom you do business, your “friend.” It’s the silly hallmark of a community where money is the main thing, sometimes the only thing, that brings people together. During the Bubble, some of the people who WashPo writer Mark Leibovich talks to in a story he wrote last week made lots of money so they all that that in common. Today, they spend it. So, now, they have that in common.
Former SJMerc writer, now Post Style Star — Liebo makes a strong point in passing: these networks have databases that are a lot better than anything put together by campaign staff. The network is the computer, as they say.
Liebo didn’t bother with San Francisco’s mayoral race. But the support that Gavin Newsom is getting, measured in dollars, is impressive and strong evidence of his networking skills. Ever been to one of his fund-raisers? They’re almost always feel like family affairs. Sometimes it seems like Newsom is related to half the city.

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