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In These (Recall) Times


Sunday’s New York Times Op-ed page looked and read a lot like what the SF Chronicle’s op-ed page should have looked like but, of course, didn’t.
Ms. Dowd wielded a handy pop culture metaphor — the do-everything remote control – to discuss the state as a whole, getting in a few shots at big-money Republicans.
But Jill Stewart who, God love her, pointed out the sleepiness (Ha! such politesse) of the California media made the more substantive contribution. Gray Davis is good in a fight, she warns, and California’s Republican Party? Well, there are two words: Car thief.
The Times isn’t the only paper to concentrate on the recall. It’s pretty much everywhere and, of course, will be until Oct. 7th. For now, the announced Davis strategy is to talk a la Hilary R. Clinton about the right wing conspiracy. It feels a little late, though. The Davis people tried that approach at the height of the energy crisis but with 9/11 coating Bush with teflon, it was a hard sell. Right now, it feels a little dated. Even HRC, in her $8.1M best seller, peddled that story a bit more softly.
The other Democratic strategy is, well, it’s just as uninspiring. They’re going to duke it out in the courts. Remembering Florida might be a good way to fire up the base, as they like to say (instead of using the common, more interesting English phrase, bring out loyal supporters) that just seems like more of the same from Davis et al. It may be politics. But it’s procedural. The Democrats used to be the party of sex, drugs and rock’n'roll, the people who said ‘fuck the lawyers.’ Now they are the lawyers.

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