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Milan Seeks “Positive” Fashion Models


Freshman fashion house Premoli, best known for sticking relatively thin models in tubs of spaghetti, is casting about for human-sized mannequins once again.
Milanese designing duo Dario Di Bella and Giovanni Premoli, whose handsome youthful faces and carefully-waxed brows smile knowingly from the press kit, announced a new crusade for size 8 models to slouch down fashion week catwalks in June.
The casting call beckons models who “eat properly, demonstrate a good attitude and positivity in a size 8 (Italian 42)…..and along with these good qualities, height doesn’t hurt.”
Just how they will gauge a good attitude and healthy eating in models sized-out of the big-name shows as opposed to young women desperate to work during fashion week when these qualities are as elusive as a Herm├Ęs Birkin bag is beyond me.
“Being beautiful isn’t necessarily about being thin, it’s about being positive in body and spirit,” the clothiers said in a statement, adding that a typically curvy Mediterranean beauty also symbolizes personality and character.
And while size does matter, it’s not all about numbers. Flip through the fashion house’s two previous collections and you’ll see that while there are no haunted Flowers in the Attic faces and cry-for-help protruding rib cages, there’s definitely daylight shining between them there Valkyrie’s thighs.
The question is: do women who clad themselves in Gucci really care what size the models are? Or the ones who can’t afford Gucci — or can at best sandwich an arm into the leg of a size 0 — and buy the sunglasses instead care whether the models starve?
My hunch says no. They don’t care. And perhaps there’s a certain pleasure in seeing those giant-eyed lunar looking girls subsisting on apples to become the human hangers displaying this season’s retro print Miu Miu frock for them to purchase, vanity-sized, later.
All the hot-air government crusades will do little against this toothpick plague until the average Vogue subscriber gets involved.
We’ll keep seeing hollow, publicity-seeking initiatives like this one, which inadvertently shed some insight to the fashion world today.
Last season, Premoli had a hard time finding models to fit the shiny red satin frocks. Out of over 200 aspiring Giseles who came with portfolios, they sent away 60% due to physiques so scrawny only an anatomist could love them.

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