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Will Blog for Breasts


Lycos Italy is offering breast augmentation to a young woman in exchange for a blog account of her surgery.
Called “The Re-Birth of Venus,” the site launched last week with the winning entry (not exactly a booby prize) in a contest set up for a blog-for-breasts reality site.
The winner, 33-year-old office worker Vania Zacchei, will go under the knife April 9. This week, her entries are augmented by those of her surgeon explaining the procedure and risks.
Sorry to be, uh, a bit of a downer on this one but let’s lift and separate the issues here. While the glamor shot of Zacchei crowning the site already looks like an old Duran Duran album cover, it’s hard not to think that she may be one of those people who is chasing some ideal that won’t, in final analysis, make her more attractive.
Since the blog launched April 2, Zacchei, who in one post describes herself as a “lost puppy,” has received a fair share of criticism. Her response: “anyone who criticizes people who undergo plastic surgery as victims of distorted body image should give up using all that this era offers us, super hairdressers, spas, gyms and fashionable clothes.”
So in her mind, having her breasts done is the same as getting highlights or a bikini wax. But her site is scheduled to go dark for a week after surgery, meaning when she’s zonked out, scared, in pain and perhaps realizing the impact of what she’s done she won’t have to tell anyone about it.
And if it’s a serious enough operation that she can’t even sit at a keyboard and type, then it’s not just a question of her gaining “a new confidence” with a touch of surgical flourish, is it? She’ll come back and it’ll be about how she’s got a “closet full of clothes that don’t fit but a ton of new suitors” as she imagines now.
And another, less attractive side will probably also not come to light given the blog’s limited life span (Zacchei is under contract to write until May), namely that plastic surgery is not a one-time thing and Zacchei will likely have to pay for plump-up tweaks years after her account goes dark.
The whole thing is considerably less prurient than MyFreeImplants, where aspiring D-cups chat with Johns for breast money and then write thank yous in ALL CAPS and with many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they have arrived at a critical mass of funds for the op.
Perhaps detractors are just getting their Wonderbras in a twist over nothing; after all airing your “before” self in front of millions is the staple of any number of reality TV programs. The thing is, Italians are so looks-conscious that none of the makeover formats have had much success here.
Why? Well, to my mind it’s because there aren’t enough people willing to be outed in public as ugly. Finding the unwaxed brow (on men, I mean) or the odd ricotta-textured thigh is a chore. Even the folks who formed the world’s only “ugly club” to combat the national obsession with la bella figura are, on the whole, decent looking.
And let’s not forget that the “old Venus” didn’t even have photoshop to enhance her.

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